Syllabus Modules

1. What is pregnancy and infant loss? 

a. Definition of losses b. Important Dates

2. Cultural Competency

a. How to work with clients from different cultures b. How not to offend 

3. Abortion and Miscarriage

a. What are they b. How to provide support c. Tools 

4. Stillbirth 

a. Definitions b. Known causes c. How to provide support

5. Fatal diagnosis support

a. Causes                                                                                 

6. When the mother dies

a. Causes b. Family Support

7. Providing support in the neonatal intensive care unit

a. Machines used in the NICU b. How to provide support

8. When a child dies unexpectedly at home and When a child’s life is expected to be brief

a. Definitions of causes b. Providing supports

9. Reproductive Health and the Black Woman

a. History b. Abortion c. Infertility d. Pregnancy Loss e. Infant Loss f. Solutions g. Support

10. Making Memories and Assisting with funeral arrangements

a. Introduction to Memory making b. Networking with local mortuaries

11. Self Care

a. What is self care? b. How not to wear the work c. Avoiding burn out

12. Postpartum and Subsequent pregnancy support

a. When the body knows a baby was born b. Lactation After Loss c. Support for the Rainbow Pregnancy

13. Whole family support and Community Awareness

a. Sibling Grief b. Grandparent Grief c. Awareness 101                                                                                                

14. Herbs, Aromatherapy and More

a. Herbs b. Oils c. Crystals d. Miscellaneous